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Hi! I'm Kasey Stringfield, the face behind RSP.

I have been pursuing photography as my passion since 2014. I attended Carson-Newman University and received a degree in Photography as well as a business administration minor IN 2017.


i was born and raised in Knoxville, tn. i absolutely love this city and especially photographing seniors in this city. i realized that senior photography was my passion in 2018. i love getting to watch my senior's confidence grow as they spend time in front of my camera. i love creating a personal relationship with my seniors and still talk to my seniors from years ago and interact with them on social media on a daily basis.


I am absolutely obsessed with the Jonas brothers and have been since 2006. i am a concert junkie and go to at least 6-10 concerts a year. hit me up if you need a concert buddy! music is one of my favorite things in life. in my countless hours spent editing i am either listening to music or binge watching a new TV show. i love animated movies. princess and the frog is my absolute favorite movie of all time. I AM SUCH AN AWKWARD HUMAN BEING BUT I JUST LAUGH IT OFF. MY AWKWARDNESS DOES HELP TO CREATE GENUINE LAUGHTER AT YOUR SESSION! i live on a farm with 28 head of cattle and 3 dogs. if you join my rural southern belle team you may have a chance to be photographed with some of our baby calves!

Contact Me

Knoxville, TN


Tel: 865-603-4336